Knowledge Base 2.0

Cold Weather Preparation and Equipment

  • Author: Randy James
  • Date: 2021 January 20
  • Summary: This presentation provides cold weather recommendations to prepare for such operations. Includes clothing tips, emergency medical information related to cold weather, communication considerations and other tips.

Drive Through Vaccinations COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

  • Author: Randy James
  • Date: 2021 January 26
  • Summary: This presentation discusses the logistics of drive-through events, traffic management and provides a planning model.


  • Author: Prairie State CERT Challenge Committee
  • Date: 2020 Prairie State CERT Challenge Handout
  • Summary: Detailed list of topics that keep volunteers engaged.

Incident Management Overview

  • Author: Mike Moos
  • Date: 2022 March 22
  • Summary: This presentation provides a summary explanation of NIMS, ICS, EOCs, EOPs, IAPs and Position Specific Training through National Standards.


  • Author: Mike Moos
  • Date: 2022 February 28
  • Summary: This is a list of internet links to different institutions and organizations that offer good resource information and/or training. The list includes hot links to these sites.

Long Term Sustainability for CERT Programs

  • Author: Dan Martin
  • Date: 2022 February 25
  • Summary: This presentation discusses the myriad of training, activities and functions that keep CERT Teams engaged.

Risk/Crises Management and the Media

  • Author: Vincent T. Covello, PhD.
  • Date: 2003
  • Summary: Dr. Covello’s well known handout titled: Risk & Communication: 77 Questions Commonly Asked by Journalists During a Crises.

Step by Step Process to Starting a CERT Team

  • Authors: Trish Billings and Michelle Hanneken
  • Date: 2021 November 16
  • Summary: CERT Association of Illinois Informational Bulletin provides “Step-by-Step” recommendations for starting a CERT Team.

2020 Prairie State CERT Challenge

  • Author: Trish Billings and Richard Frizelis
  • Date: Summer 2020
  • Summary: Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Challenge was a Zoom virtual event. This presentation was used during the event.